Regular Share Account 


Membership in Central Credit Union of Florida requires that you maintain a $25.00 balance in your Regular Share Account at all times. Once you have established the required minimum in your Regular Share Account you may apply for any of Central's other services. Identity Verification Notice





Money Market Account 

The Money Market Savings Account allows you to earn higher dividends than a Regular Share Savings Account without committing your funds for a specified term. Dividends are credited monthly and a $2,500.00 minimum balance must be maintained in the account. Checks are available upon request.





Youth Accounts

We have accounts designed specifically for children ages 0 - 17 years. Our "Wee Belong" Savings is for children 0 - 8 years, Future Leader Savings for ages 9 -17.  Members ages 15 - 17 can add a Future Leader Checking to their Future Leader Savings.  Learn more.




Vacation, Christmas, and "You Name It" Accounts 


Central's specialized savings accounts allow you to save money at your convenience and at your own pace. You can save by making daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly deposits. You can also save by allotting a certain amount of money to your savings account through payroll deduction





IRA Accumulator 

Start saving for your retirement by opening an IRA Accumulator Savings Account. The minimum deposit is $40.00. You may make deposits at any time, even direct deposit funds through payroll deduction into this account. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly. Once you reach $250.00 you may choose to invest your dollars into an IRA Term Share Certificate of Deposit.






Term Share Certificates of Deposit


If you are looking for a secure investment that pays a higher competitive rate, a Term Share Certificate of Deposit may be the product for you! Term Share Certificates allows you to save and earn more money by locking into a higher interest rate. Pick the maturity date that best suits your needs, and watch your savings grow. The minimum balance required is $1,000.00. The minimum balance for the IRA Term Share Certificate of Deposit is $250.00. Dividends are paid and credited monthly. Early withdrawals are subject to penalties.